Alchemy Junk

Alchemy Junk offers convenient, environmentally conscious solutions for your junk disposal needs. We remove unwanted material from your home or business, employing safe and thorough work practice. We are fast, punctual, conscientious and friendly. We are distinguished by our stewardship model.

This reverence for the earth’s resources is the paradigm driving our work. Our concern is salvaging a high percentage of your junk with our systems, in comparison with contractors who have high volume sales as their first priority. We avoid death by landfill through donation, fixing, repurposing, upcycling & recycling. We go to lengths sorting your unwanted material into groups that enable reuse and responsible direction.

Junk Stewardship

Alchemy Junk is London, Ontario’s only Junk Stewardship. We are a junk removal service dedicated to moving in a sustainable direction. We pick up your unwanted items, sorting & directing them responsibly. We take a gestalt approach to resource management and therefore a REAL offering of Green Service. We effectively infuse tonnes of usable consumer products into our local community independently as well as partnering with local charities such as Goodwill Industries, Habitat for Humanity, St. Vincent de Paul and Women’s Community House.

Additionally, we repair broken appliances to extend their working life and keep them out of landfill. We are green builders of super fine spaces using reclaimed materials. We are creators of oddities and upcycled furniture. We support local artists and art projects using our reclaimed materials and logistic know-how.


Before Alchemy Junk Removal


After Alchemy Junk Removal




  • All physical loading and direction of ANY unwanted material/junk
  • De-clutter & Simplify
  • Real Estate Moves
    • Pre-Listing cleanup/Eliminate Depreciations
    • Downsizing
    • Full Estate cleanup/Eliminate Depreciations
  • Downsizing
  • Full Estate cleanup
  • Renovations
    • Pre-renovation organization / de-junk
    • Tear-out cleanup / Renovation debris
  • Hoarding support (minor & major cases)


We remove any unwanted material at a rate of $70 plus 22¢ /lb.


Contact Us

Justin Bardawill, Proprietor
Alchemy Junk
74 Wellington Road
London, ON N6C 4M8
(519) 702-2466